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Painting Holograms

Painting the back of a hologram black is a great way to enhance the contrast of the image. Care must be taken to not destroy the image while painting it. (Do not try this before sealing DCG holograms!)


  • Paints that dry too quickly can damage some emulsions by shrinking them and making a crazed glass pattern.
  • Krylon Ultra flat black can dry very quickly if not applied in very thin coats.
  • Krylon gloss and flat seem to work well.
  • Make sure to protect the front of the hologram while painting.
  • Paint the edges if you are not going to frame the hologram to keep stray light from entering.
  • More thin coats is better than one thick coat.
  • Don't try to rush the drying.
  • Examine the hologram from the front after painting with a light source behind it to look for any thin spots.