Russian Forum?

Discuss the old forum and how we would like to go on.
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Colin Kaminski
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Russian Forum?

Post by Colin Kaminski »

Is there a way to add a Russian section? They have been very helpful.
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Russian Forum?

Post by a_k »

A russian section has been considered when setting up the forum.

Of course the members of the russian section of the previous forum are most welcome here.

To discuss matters a common language is needed. Since english is the common language nowadays, it was chosen for the forum.

English is not the first language for many of the forum members, not only the users of the russian section. It would be unfair to offer the native language to one group only.

Therefore i invite our russian colleagues to participate at the discussion in a way that can be understood by all. I'm sure everyone would profit of their outstanding knowhow and experience and they might also profit from the communication with the rest of the world.

A more practical difficulty with a russian section is that as the forum's operator i need to be able to read the postings but i don't even know their alphabet.

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Russian Forum?

Post by Valery »

Greet all

I sting unless will be a russian language on forum.
Certainly, possible communicate with colleague on english , but large number holo enthusiast lives in country, where in russian language much more simply to lead the technical debate.
But you to solve as be...
But my messages will much less.

I very pleased renewing the forum, my congratulations.
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Russian Forum?

Post by Gall »

Colin, I've sent an email to you about the Russian part. I would like to make the archives available somewhere. I can clean them up and fill an empty forum with them.

If there is some problem having a Russian part on the English forum, I can make a separate Russian forum as well. But it is not so convinient.
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Russian Forum?

Post by hadmin »

Hello Gall,

I've contacted the colleagues at about adding a russian forum here.

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