Hariharan passes

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Hariharan passes

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Parameswaran Hariharan died on July 26, 2015 at the age of 89. Hariharan was an established expert in holography and interferometry.

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Re: Hariharan passes

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While at 89, it's not a great surprise, nevertheless, I think one of the giants of holography has passed.To me, his book is one of the Triumvirate of Holography Books - The Triple Bible of Holography (along with the books by Collier and Solymar). His derivations in the book have a simplicity to them that really made me understand phase relationships when I first read it about 1982.

Around 2003 I was at an SPIE meeting and having a drink in the food area when I heard someone behind me talk about the quantum effects of four interacting electrons - a double, double slit experiment. As a former theoretical physicists, this was an interesting overheard conversation, so I turned around to ask the person some questions about his thesis. To my surprise, it was Hariharan! He told me he was studying four-wave-mixing with electrons instead of photons. We had a fairly interesting conversation for a while. When he launched the Journal of Holography and Speckle, I was honoured to be asked by Hariharan to be an early reviewer.
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Re: Hariharan passes

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Hi Folks,
I am new to this forum and just saw this posts which now dates a little.

I was a visiting student in the optics lab at Sydney University in 1998 or so and had the chance to meet and work a bit with Hariharan on achromatic phase shifting based on polarization tweeking (Pointcarré sphere). What an inspiring person he was!

I look forward to meeting you all on this forum in the near future

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