Looking for Academic entities interested in european project

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Looking for Academic entities interested in european project

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Good morning to everybody

I am a senior researcher at Policom (http://home.dei.polimi.it/ubaldi), Department of Electronics and Information - Politecnico of Milano University and I've rworked for several years in the field of volyme holography in coherent light.

We are trying to gather a research consortium of preferrably european partners on a common quest for holographic materials in which refractive index contrast of few percents can be reached. In particular, the possibility to take part to an european call could essentially concern the identification of "competing" materials (i.e. photopolymers, nano-composites, DCG, glasses,etc.) with the following characteristics:

- wide spectral transparency
- refractive index modulation 1-5%
- sensitizer for a recording wavelength of 488nm, or alternatively 266nm

We ourselves, as a technological Lab at Politecnico di Milano, could characterize the optical properties of the materials and the holographic efficiency by writing holograms in blue and DUV light.

In order to join an european project it would be quite fine to involve an Academic entity into the consortium.
Please contact me if you are interested or want some more details.


Maria Chiara