Pulsed hologram

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Pulsed hologram

Post by Tommy »

After much education on the innards of pulsed lasers (a rewarding effort on its own), I have finally gotten a viable pulsed hologram.

This is a 2 beam transmission on VRP-M, processed in SM-6 and Ferric EDTA bleach. (I tried Denisyuk first, but it was extremely dim.)

I've also written up a bunch of details on the laser at http://www.bobdbob.com/~tjohnson/quantel/ .

Its a whole lot dimmer than it looks... (Its my fingers around a conch shell.)


Pulsed hologram

Post by Cristiano_Perrucci »

Hi Tommy,
your work is very interesting. I'm currently working on a multi-stage pulsed ruby laser so I understand your happiness.

Thank for sharing your experience with us.